1/2" x 4PC Series Timber Wolf® band saw blades

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Timber Wolf® 1/2" x 4PC

Blade Designation: Ripping and Crosscutting

Width: 1/2"
TPI (Tooth Per Inch): 4
Tooth Design: PC (positive claw)
Blade Thickness: .025
Kerf: .042
Tooth Hook Angle: 6.5°
Tooth Set Pattern: 5 Raker Set
Radius of Cut: 2 1/2”

Thickness of Work Material to be cut
Kiln Dry Wood: Hardwood 2 1/2” - 6" Softwood 1 1/2” – 4”

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  • 5
    Timber wolf bandsaw blades

    Posted by Michael R. Chase on Aug 3rd 2022

    Blades have always been superior and any service I ever needed was prompt and exceeded my expectations !!

  • 5
    Great bandsaw blades

    Posted by George on Jan 5th 2022

    I have used several different brands of blades and always come back to these as they cut well, last longer, and are reasonably priced.

  • 5
    Great as I expected

    Posted by Phillip Raposa on Sep 26th 2021

    Fast Shipping

  • 5
    Great blade for re sawing, sharp and last a long time

    Posted by Rickie Clanton on Aug 19th 2021

    Will continue to use these blades from now on.

  • 5
    Resaws Great

    Posted by jim on Jun 8th 2020

    This is great blade for re-saving on 2-1/2HP saws. Just completed re-saving 2” red oak &!some 7”!cedar logs 3 feet long. Makes clean straight cuts with no signs of loading motor. This blade replaced 1” that was to much for 1-1/2 HP saw.

  • 5
    Works perfect excellent value

    Posted by Jim D on Mar 24th 2020

    I bought 2 4TPI blades for my Shopsmith. By far the best blade I’ve used yet. Very happy with this purchase. Beware though, buy from the manufacturer, I bought one of these on Amazon, it was more money and I had to return it. The blade would not track at all.

  • 5
    Great Blade!

    Posted by D. J. Muse on Nov 12th 2019

    I bought my blade to some serious (for me) ripping of SYP (pitch and resin.) I've been very pleased with it's performance so far. The "low tension" installation instructions were quite helpful as well. Best bandsaw blade I've ever owned.

  • 5
    wow! just, wow!

    Posted by Boris Kogan on Aug 6th 2019

    bought a high quality, heavy duty 21 inch band saw with a 5hp motor. the thing is an absolute beast, love it! the problem? it can't cut water!?! started looking around on youtube, and everyone said the same thing. the stock blades that come with these machines are only good for throwing at trees (pro tip, don't do that). started asking for recommendations for a decent blade and to a person, everyone said get timber wolf, they're the best. so i did. i think the title sums it up. firstly, the blades came very well packaged and were visibly of superior quality. installing the 1/2 inch blade, tracking, tensioning and blade guide alignment took all of 5 minutes. the moment of truth came to rip a piece of white oak. set the fence and slowly pushed the piece in to the blade. felt nothing, no resistance at all. it was as though the blade didn't even know the wood was there, it's so sharp. i decided to be ballsy and try re-sawing an 8/4 piece of oak 9 inches wide. took off the 1/2 inch blade and installed a 1 inch 2 teeth/inch. setup the fence and pushed the stock in to the blade. again, smooth as silk!!! the final cut is definitely not finish ready (a bit rough) but what do you expect from a band saw? set my jointer to 1/16 pass and that helical cutter head produced a glass like finish. the blades track straight and true! it's a day later and i still have a silly grin on my face. love it when things are just as they're advertised to be.

  • 5
    smooth straight cut

    Posted by Mark Schmidt on Apr 3rd 2019

    I bought this blade in late March, 2019, to have on hand as a spare. I just installed the identical blade I bought back in December 2018, and it cuts beautifully - straight and smooth. I'm very pleased with its performance. I'm using it exclusively to rip 3/4" pine. I'll buy another eventually when this one breaks. Delivery was quick.