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"I recently purchased two 1/8” band saw blades. You now have a lifelong customer. I have been doing woodworking as a hobby for the last 50+ years and I have never experienced such a smooth cut as I got with my new blades. The only sanding I will need to do is a little hand sanding. Keep up the good work. It is refreshing to know that quality is still built somewhere in the USA"-David (Jan 2012)

"I received my blades today. I have used the 1/4 in 6 tooth. I have a Jet 14 in saw and didn't know it would cut so well and with very little effort to feed the wood. Anxious now to get the 1/2 inch on and try re sawing. Thanks for a great blade and fast shipping" - David (Jan 2011)

"I recently purchased a 1/2" x 6 tpi band saw blade for my Ryobi. I was at the end of my rope with this saw, trying to resaw wood to build guitar necks and was ready to dump this tool and buy a much more expensive replacement. I coulndn't saw a straight line, if my life depended on it, with this saw. Through my research of band saws, I saw a response by an individual telling someone else to "just go buy a Timber Wolf blade and foget about it." I went directly to your website, read the whole thing and decided to order a blade. WOW...am I glad I did!!! The blade showed-up w/in a few days and I immediately installed it, following the included instructions of course, and promptly ran a test-piece of wood through it, free-hand.. no fence. HOLY SMOKES!!!! It cut straight and tru, never wavering away from the line and left a VERY smooth finish that will need VERY little, if any, sanding for my purposes. I can't thank you enough for saving me money and creating such an AWESOME blade. I will be a return customer...no question" - Kidd (November 2011)

"On a side note, I have to admit you folks make the best blades especially for the heavy cutting I do. I have tried less expensive ones that claim high performance but there is no comparison in my opinion. I greatly appreciate you sending a replacement. You are a fine company." - John (July 2010)

"Unbelievable performance. While these blades are almost twice the price of standard blades, their performance will more than pay back your investment" - Popular Woodworking (March 1997)

"I purchased my first of your bandsaw blades, at the Saratoga springs show today. Of course I went home and put one to the test.......All I could do is smile. This is the secnd band saw I have owned. I had figured that they took years of practice to get them to cut a straigt line. When all I needed was one of your blades and a few minutes of basic instruction.....My shop will know no other blade." - Bruce (March 24, 2004)

"I recently purchased a band saw blade from your display at the Kansas City woodworking show.....I am a bowyer and need to resaw wood for laminations in my bows. I had been using other brands...and trying to make long cuts, 36", as thin as 3/16"....after installing your bandsaw blade, I immediately cut an 1/8" lamination as straight as a string for 36". - Allen (February 25, 2002)

"Just wanted to let you guys know that your band saw blades are first rate" - Bob (July 28, 2003)

"I bought a band saw blade...after I got home I chided myself a bit for falling for the saleman's pitch but I installed it on my homemade band saw...I was simply amazed at its superb performance. I challenged it with difficult tasks from resawing to making smooth controlled cuts and it never disappointed me...I had been ready to give up on this old tool and buy a new band saw...Thank you for saving me and this expense and contriving such an excellent product" - Donald (February 22, 2003)

"Thank you for replacing my broken bandsaw blade. I lost my receipt after purchasing the blade at the Milwaukee, WI woodworkers show and you STILL replaced---no questions asked. Not only do you have the BEST blade in the market, but the BEST service value as well. I will continue to enjoy bandsawing..." - Dmytro (June 24, 2005)


"Your new quick blade change assembly is great improvement over the past...compound sawing is much improved...when you are sawing for production plus quality you depend greatly on the tools you have...the quality of the cut has improved also" - Freeman (September 22, 2003)

"It's always nice to hear about a company actually bringing manufacturing back to the good ole' USA...We sold 10 Sakura scroll saws into the...scholl district years ago and had only one warranty issue." - Dan (June 1, 2005)


I went to google to search for the very best scrollsaw blades and your super sharps came up so I ordered some Thank-you they are the best blades I have ever used!! I have been scrollsawing for quite a few years and have floundered through alot of different kinds of blades and I love yours!! Thank-you Nancy (May 16, 2013)

I am new to scroll saw work, but I am finding it enjoyable, a little frustrating, but enjoyable. I use reclaimed barn lumber to make art work, some of it cut into pieces like a puzzle. I've been frustrated by the effort it seems to take to cut even in poplar or pine. I started with blades from Lowe's (bosch), they were horrible. Then I looked online and found some reccomendations for Olson blades and I tried a few of them. They were much better than bosch, but when i found an 18" wide piece of aged white oak, I knew it was going to be tough, and it was. The PGT Olson blades tried, but it was like pushing against a toothless blade, and boy did it smoke! Then I looked on the Olson chart for other "reccomended" blades. My local store didn't have their "best" but it had their next to the best blades for thick hardwoods. I tried that blade and it cut, but it was still hard to push and I had to push at an angle, and it smoked, not as much, but it still burnt the wood. I looked around some more last week, cause I knew this wood would make me a lot of money if I could cut it and work with it. That's when I stumbled upon your website and blades. I ordered the 5/7/9 variety pack. I got them today and started with the 7 blades. My expectations were not that high given my previous failures, so WOW! When I started cutting a scrap of the white oak I couldn't believe it. I thought, "man, this is too easy!" Then I got one of the actual 18" wide, 1" thick boards and started cutting down the middle. It was the EASIEST cut I've made on my $20 scroll saw. (It's a delta that I got at Goodwill.) In fact, I was so excited I had to come straight in and send this email. Thank you for making and selling such a top notch product. I can't wait to do a full project with the white oak now. I am taking back the Olson blades that I have not opened and I will be telling the folks at the woodworking store about your blades.   


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