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Suede-Tex Mini Flocker Kits contain everything you need to start flocking.

Each Individual Kit Contains:

  • One (1) 3oz. bag of flocking fibers - your choice of color
  • One (1) 8oz. can of color-coordinated undercoat adhesive
  • One (1) Mini Flocker - easily cleaned between color changes
  • One (1) applicator brush

Flocking isn't that hard or messy.  You just coat the inside of the box with the matching color glue, then shake the flocker filled with the matching color flock and coat the glue very well.  Let it dry, tip the box over and tap off the excess flocking.  If you put the excess on a piece of wax paper of something like it, you can put that flocking back into the original container so there is no waste.  The trick is to use enough glue and to coat the glue well so you have no bare spots when you shake off the excess.  It really makes a nice lining for wooden boxes.